Sentence Examples

  • In June and July 1907 there were again disturbances among the agricultural laborers of Ferrala and Rovigo, and a widespread strike organized by the leg/fe throughout those provinces caused very serious losses to all concerned.
  • ADRIA (anc. Atria; the form Adria or Hadria is less correct: Hatria was a town in Picenum, the modern Atri), a town and episcopal see of Venetia, Italy, in the province of Rovigo, 15 m.
  • The war of Ferrara and the peace of Bagnolo (1484) gave her Rovigo and the Polesine.
  • Rose, The Life and Times of William Pitt, and for other incidents of Maret's career, the memoirs of Bourrienne, Pasquier, Meneval and Savary (duc de Rovigo), may be consulted.
  • And Ercole I., duke of Ferrara, from whom he recaptured Rovigo and the Polesine.