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  • There were, however, but few prisons in France adapted for the cellular system, and the process of reconstruction has been slow, In 1898 the old Paris prisons of Grande-Roquette, Saint-Plagie and Mazas were demolished, and to replace them a large prison with 1500 cells was erected at Fresnes-ls-Rungis.
  • In the French Corps Legislatif, also, the vice-president, Forgade la Roquette, referred to his death, and warm expressions of esteem were repeated and applauded on every side.
  • La Roquette, "is not alone a misfortune for England, but a cause of mourning for France and humanity."
  • On the 4th of April 1871 he was arrested by the communists as a hostage, and confined in the prison at Mazas, from which he was transferred to La Roquette on the advance of the army of Versailles.

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