Sentence Examples

  • His support to the Lord Roos Act, ascribed generally to his desire to ingratiate himself with Charles, was no doubt due in part to the fact that his son had married Lord Roos's sister.
  • Cyrus (Munich, 1871); Roos, De Theodoreto Clementis et Eusebii Compilatore (Halle, 1883); Nolte in the Tubing.
  • Roos, i., containing the Anabasis (Teubner series, 1907).
  • See Elliot, History of India; Elphinstone, History of India; and Roos-Keppel's translation of the Tarikh-i-Sultan Mahmud-i-Ghaznavi (1901).
  • Manners, Lord Roos, and mother of the first earl of Rutland.