Sentence Examples

  • English translations: Anabasis, Rooke (1812); Anabasis and Indica, E.
  • SIR GEORGE ROOKE (1650-1709), English naval commander, was born near Canterbury in 1650.
  • There are many local German names of the same origin, such as Rooke, Rouch, Ruch and others, but the bird is generally known in Germany as the Saat-Krdhe, i.e.
  • On the 7th of March 1704 a British fleet under Sir George Rooke reached Lisbon, convoying the archduke Charles and io,000 British troops, who were joined by a Portuguese army under D.
  • In 1702 a combined British and Dutch fleet under Sir George Rooke and the duke of Ormonde destroyed a Franco-Spanish fleet in the bay, and captured treasure to the value of about i 3 000,000; numerous attempts have been made to recover the larger quantity of treasure which was supposed, on doubtful evidence, to have been sunk during the battle.