Sentence Examples

  • Vintage styles going back to the 1930s, where rompers were often worn as exercise wear (you've probably seen them in movies showing dancers rehearsing), can be very elaborate, with ruffles and bows.
  • Daytime is also a perfect time of day for babies to wear rompers, which are one-piece outfits that will help keep them warm while they are watching you or rolling on the floor.
  • If you've been thinking you'd like to learn to sew and just haven't gotten around to signing up for a class, your need for cute rompers is just the right excuse.
  • For newborns and babies, you can find staples such as tees, pajamas, layettes, bibs and rompers as well as items such as dresses, sweaters, swimsuits, and shoes.
  • Not only can you buy cute boy rompers, overalls, shorts, and pants made of knit fabrics, there are replicas of adult jeans, flannel shirts, and sports clothing.

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