Sentence Examples

  • For some years she was closely associated with the romanticist Gabriele d'Annunzio, and several of his plays, notably La Cittd morta (1898) and Francesca da Rimini (1901), provided her with important parts.
  • The controversy with Prussia about the education of children of whose parents but one was Roman Catholic led to the imprisonment of Droste-Vischering, archbishop of Cologne, and later of Dunin, archbishop of Gnesen-Posen; but the accession of the royal romanticist Frederick William IV.
  • His claim to the title of the foremost Persian romanticist he fully established only a year or two after the Makhzan by the publication of his first epic masterpiece Khosrau and Shirin, composed, according to the oldest copies, in 576 A.H.
  • For four years before 1830 Andre van Hasselt had been publishing his verses in the Sentinelle des Pays-Bas, and from 1829 onwards he was an ardent romanticist.