Sentence Examples

  • Other techniques to correct myopia include photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), radial keratomy (RK), laser epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK), intraocular lens implants and intrastromal corneal rings.
  • In obtaining the minor Aik in the form of a determinant we erased certain rows and columns, and we would have erased in an exactly similar manner had we been forming the determinant associated with A2:8, since the deleting lines intersect rk in two pairs of points.
  • In the latter case the sign is determined by -I raised to the same power as before, with the exception that Tux., replaces Tusk; but if one of these numbers be even the other must be uneven; hence A ik = - Ais� rk Moreover aik a,, aikarsAik +aisarkAis Aik, rk aik ars rs where the determinant factor is giyen by the four points in which the deleting lines intersect.
  • Along the line of flow x'A'P'J', >L =m, u=a'e-rk/"n, and from x' to 41.
  • M-rk - - Dreio.