Sentence Examples

  • With eLyrics, in addition to purchasing a ringtone, translating the lyrics into another language and listening to the song, you can also use the site comment section and message board to interact with your fellow Miley Cyrus fans.
  • Some Windows Mobile 6.1 users have a program called MP3 Trimmer that lets you import a full MP3 song and block off a section of the song that you can save to the ringtone folder or automatically set as the main ringtone.
  • Jermaine Dupress said Soulja Boy creates music for the "ringtone market" - creating hook heavy tunes in the hope of making a lot of money selling ringtones to kids rather than focusing on the creative process.
  • Thankfully, unlike some units from the Verizon lineup and all handsets from the TracFone library, the cell phones available through Boost Mobile are largely capable of using third-party ringtone resources.
  • Some people love the Star Wars original score so much that they like to have it as their phone ringtone, as a startup theme song for their computer or even as a song to listen to on iPod or an MP3 player.