Sentence Examples

  • It can be shown, for example, that for masonry having a density of 3, water being 1, the figure of minimum section is a right-angled triangle, with the water against its vertical face; while for a greater density the water face must lean towards the water, and for a less density away from the water, so that the water may lie upon it.
  • - Diagram of Right-Angled cubic feet of water, acting g at one-third its depth above Triangle Dam.
  • By adopting right-angled reflectionprisms above the eyepiece he completely erected the image.
  • 24, that he was the first person to describe a right-angled triangle in a circle.
  • When hardened in situ its shape is that of a right-angled, triangular prism showing five surfaces - superior, anterior, inferior, posterior and right lateral which represents the base of the prism.