Sentence Examples

  • Occasionally, a Tacori can be set in 18k white gold, but it is not recommended because the white luster is inferior to platinum, and the rhodium coating will eventually wear off, giving the piece a yellowish cast.
  • The deviations of the platinum and platinum-rhodium 10 per cent.
  • In the following year he discovered rhodium; and at about the same time Smithson Tennant added two more to the list - iridium and osmium; the former was so named from the changing tints of its oxides (ipcs, rainbow), and the latter from the odour of its oxide (ovµA, smell).
  • Berzelius was an early worker in this field; he was succeeded by Bunsen, and Deville and Debray, who worked out the separation of rhodium; and at a later date by P. T.
  • The temperature was determined by a platinum-rhodium and platinum thermo-j unction in contact with the metal.