Sentence Examples

  • We find here the consciousness of creative thought focused in a new principle which is to revolutionize speculative science.
  • The result of this movement has been to revolutionize the whole subject.
  • Benson of Chiswick, who commenced about 1886 to revolutionize the production of sheet-brass and copper utensils, cannot be passed over.
  • This was followed by the revelation of the vast ancient life of the western half of the American continent, which was destined to revolutionize the science.
  • In the construction of the natural trigonometrical tables Great Britain had taken no part, and it is remarkable that the discovery of the principles and the formation of the tables that were to revolutionize or supersede all the methods of calculation then in use should have been so rapidly effected and developed in a country in which so little attention had been previously devoted to such questions.