Sentence Examples

  • Was revisited by Peary, who supposed this bay to be a sound communicating with Victoria Inlet on the north-west coast.
  • In 1849 he returned to Marseilles, though he revisited Egypt in 1856.
  • After this he revisited Syria and Asia Minor, and crossed the Black sea, the desert from Astrakhan to Bokhara, and the Hindu Kush.
  • Carteret discovered the Charlotte and Gloucester Islands, and Pitcairn Island on the 2nd of July 1767; revisited the Santa Cruz group, which was discovered by Mendafia and Quiros; and discovered the strait separating New Britain from New Ireland.
  • But he first revisited India and then, returning to Malacca, took ship for Japan, accompanied by Yajiro, now known as Paul of the Holy Faith.