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  • The reason of this is that a repousse relief is of much thinner substance than if the same design were cast, even by the most skilful metal-worker, and so a large surface may be produced with a very small expenditure of valuable metal.
  • Repousse work in silver, which is still practised, dates from the most ancient times.
  • It is a very sumptuous work, the front of the altar being entirely of gold, with repousse reliefs and cloisonné enamels; the back and ends are of silver, with gold ornaments.
  • - Silver Repousse Reliefs from the Pistoia Retable.
  • The main part of most of these screens is filled in with quatrefoils, and at the top is an open frieze formed of plate iron pierced, repousse, and enriched with engraving.

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