Sentence Examples

  • The other charge levied at the show is that the drama is scripted. truTV came under fire when it was revealed that their popular Operation Repo series actually featured actors performing reenactments of real life car repossession stories.
  • However, truTV is quick to point out that Hardcore Pawn was already in production when Pawn Stars debuted and that the time slot is simply because the network wanted to tie the show in with existing hit Operation Repo.
  • Large financial institutions, banks, and government agencies are not in the auto sales business and will attempt to recover some dollars by selling these repo cars at extremely discounted prices.
  • To find deals on repo cars in your area, call local banks, credit unions, and financial institutions and ask their loan or collections department if and when they will be holding an auction.
  • You may be able to obtain an FHA-insured loan for the purchase of HUD repo homes; however, this is not certain as you must meet qualifying criteria for the FHA loan program.