Sentence Examples

  • The natural result of such a regime is increasing indebtedness.
  • Stourm, Les Finances de l'ancien regime et de la revolution (1885); F.
  • To some extent the real level of military expenditure has been masked by the separation of certain payments into " extraordinary " expenditure, a course which, it is understood, has not been followed in the budgets of the " new regime," and which will not be revived.
  • As for autonomy and political reforms it has already been remarked that the change from the old regime was only superficial.
  • When Nicholas an influential deputation from the province of Tver, which had long enjoyed a reputation for liberalism, ventured to hint in a loyal address that the time had come for changes in the existing autocratic regime, they received a reply which showed that the emperor had no intention of making any such changes.