Sentence Examples

  • Secured credit cards are useful if you are attempting to reestablish your credit history, or if you have never had a credit card and you want to establish that you would be able to manage one correctly.
  • She has enough on her mind trying to reestablish some relationship with her mother.
  • 512 (August 1118), distinguished himself by a vain attempt to reestablish the power of the caliph.
  • When this political revolution became known, Prince Eugene immediately repaired to London, charged with a mission from the emperor to reestablish the credit of his illustrious companion in arms, as well as to re-attach England to the coalition.
  • When he realized the strength of the national reaction, he allowed the patriotic fascisti free rein to reestablish order and practically exercise many functions of Government, while he assumed an attitude of Olympic calm and posed as being au dessus de la melee, so as to avoid compromising himself with any party.