Sentence Examples

  • To the eye the contrast between the wide winding irregular passages of the sand-pit, calculated for the admission of a horse and cart, and the narrow rectilinear accurately-defined galleries of the catacomb.
  • Areas of Plane Rectilinear Figures.
  • The species of Linnaeus were supposed to represent a series of steps in a scale of ascending complexity, and it was thought possible thus to arrange the animal kingdom in a single series - the orders within the classes succeeding one another in regular gradation, and the classes succeeding one another in a similar rectilinear progression.
  • 2), which has two parallel sides MA and SF, a base MS at right angles to these, and G H the remainder of its boundary from A to F rectilinear, no part of the figure being outside the space between MA (produced) and SF (produced).
  • Another question to which he devoted much attention was that of obtaining rectilinear motion by linkage.