Sentence Examples

  • It is the ritual of a magician, imbedded in which, and alternating with magic formulae and other occult matter, are a number of invocations and prayers which Dieterich reconstructs as a liturgy in use by the clergy of Mithras between A.D.
  • R, 2, reconstructs a primitive Apostles' Creed of Antioch, the city from which St Paul started on his missionary journeys.
  • Thus Kunze reconstructs a creed of Antioch for the 3rd century, and argues that it is independent of the Roman Creed.
  • The process by which the modern fits together all the obtainable remains of an antiquity, and reconstructs even that past which left no written record, lies outside the field of this article.
  • He reconstructs, as he declares, ontology, and begins with the "ideal formula," "the Ens creates ex nihilo the existent."