Sentence Examples

  • Arkansas City, first known as Creswell, was settled in 1870, was chartered as a city under its present name in 1872 and was rechartered in 1880.
  • In 1829 the Safety-Fund Act was passed, which required each bank thereafter chartered or rechartered to pay into the state treasury 3% of its capital stock other than that owned by the state, and from this fund the debts of insolvent banks were to be paid.
  • Hartford was first chartered in 1784, was rechartered in 1856 (the charter of that date has been subsequently revised), and in 1881 was made coterminous with the township of Hartford.
  • The first settlement was made here in 1830; and the place which was named in honour of the explorer, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, was chartered as a city in 1852 and rechartered in 1876.
  • It was officially organized in part in 1847, formally incorporated as a town in 1850, chartered under its present name in 1853, rechartered in 1875, in 1889 and in 1908.