Sentence Examples

  • Sem.; and the discussions, &c., in the writings of Clermont-Ganneau (Rec. d'archeol.
  • Maspero, Rec. de travaux (1905), xxvii.
  • The colloidal sulphur, Ss, described by Debus as a product of the interaction of sulphuretted hydrogen and sulphur dioxide in aqueous solution, is regarded by Spring (Rec. tra y.
  • The reactions taking place are complicated, and the solution contains ultimately small drops of sulphur in suspension, a colloidal sulphur (which Spring (Rec. tra y.
  • It is instructive to observe in Egypt the form which old traditions have taken in Manetho (Maspero, Rec. de travaux, xxvii., 1905, 1.22 seq.); cf.