Sentence Examples

  • The British Third Army followed up the retreating enemy, being impeded only by rearguards whose resistance was easily overcome, and by Sept.
  • Thus, whilst the detachment was still disposed as a series of rearguards, the foremost fractions of it stood to fight on the Yalu, against odds of four to one.
  • Fresh attempts were made by subordinates to form rearguards, but Zasulich made no stand even at Fenghwang-cheng, and the Japanese occupied that town unopposed on the 5th of May.
  • On the loth, covered by Kaulbars, who held off Nogi, and by strong rearguards at and east of Mukden, the movement continued, and though it was not executed with entire precision, and the rearguards suffered very heavily, the Russians managed to draw off in safety to the northward.
  • Army rearguards and the increasing number of disbanded soldiers confirmed his impressions.

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