Sentence Examples

  • Additional material choices fro Sak handbags include leather, suede, rattan, straw, Canvas, wood bead, integrated textiles, and more.
  • The emphasis is on natural materials like rattan and wicker, dark wood, billowing white sheets and splashes of animal prints.
  • An ascent made by Dr Honda of the imperial university of Japan showed that, up to a height of 6000 ft., the mountain is clothed with primeval forests of palms, banyans, cork trees, camphor trees, tree ferns, interlacing creepers and dense thickets of rattan or stretches of grass higher than a man's stature.
  • In British New Guinea alone is the mancatcher (a rattan loop at the end of a handle with a pith spike projecting into it) met with.
  • Excellent suspension bridges span some of the larger rivers, made of interlaced rattan ropes secured to trees on opposite banks, so very similar to those seen in Sumatra as to suggest some Malay influence.