Sentence Examples

  • If your braids hurt once you leave the hair salon, you can try to loosen tight braids yourself by sliding a rattail comb under the offending braids and gently lifting up, being careful not to pull too hard as to break the hair.
  • To use a rattail comb, wrap your hair around the handle of the comb, candy curl style, sliding the handle of the comb out of the hair when you are done wrapping.
  • If you find that the volume is disappearing as you twist, you can always insert the pointed end of a rattail comb and gently pull it back up again as you go.
  • Part Horizontally: With a pointed rattail comb, create a horizontal part right above the nape of the neck.
  • You may want to use a rattail comb, a comb with a long, skinny handle, for making the twists.