Sentence Examples

  • See Vincent Smith, Early History of India (1908); Hoernle and Stark, History of India (1905); Rapson, Indian Coins (1898); Gardner, Coins of Greek and Scythian Kings in India (1886); Franke, Beitrage aus Chinesischen Quellen zur Kenntnis der Tiirkvolker und.
  • One interesting analogy communicated by Professor Rapson, may, however, be cited from the Bhagavad-gita, iv.
  • Rapson 2 has pointed out that both Kharosthi and Brahmi letters are found upon Persian silver sigloi, which were coined in the Punjab and belong to the period Oldest Saba:An Bra Hmi FfHAROSTHI kTHIOPIC tfignyarinc, ([[Arabic) Table I]].
  • Bevan and Rapson of Cambridge, and to Mr F.