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  • The chief trade is in, and the principal exports are, palm oil and kernels, rubber, cotton, maize, groundnuts (Arachis), shea-butter from the Bassia parkii (Sapotaceae), fibres of the Raphia vinifera, and the Sansevieria guineensis, indigo, and kola nuts, ebony and other valuable wood.
  • The most important palm of the country perhaps is the Raphia vinifera, which produces the piassava fibre of commerce.
  • Confronted Antiochus at Raphia and inflicted a defeat upon him which nullified all Antiochus's successes and compelled him to withdraw north of the Lebanon.
  • At Raphia numbered 20,000, and Ptolemy Philopator was able at the same time to form one of 25,000 men (Polyb.
  • At Raphia, Antiochus III.

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