Sentence Examples

  • It was captured in 1846 by a force of Texas Rangers, and in 1847 was occupied by U.S. troops under General Lamar.
  • He was a member of Rogers' Rangers in the Seven Years' War, served in the War of Independence, was for several years a member of the New Hampshire legislature, was a delegate to the New Hampshire convention which ratified the Federal constitution, and was a justice of the court of common pleas for his county.
  • Special mention must be made of the secret police, the Arizona Rangers, organized in 1901 to police the cattle ranges; they are " fearless men, trained in riding, roping, trailing and shooting," a force whose personnel is not known to the general public. The legislature repealed the law licensing public gambling in 1907; enacted a law requiring the payment of $300 per annum as licence fee by retail liquor dealers; and provided for juvenile courts and probationary control of children.
  • Above the surrounding country and very narrow at the top, the battle of King's Mountain was fought on the 7th of October 1780 between a force of about loo Provincial Rangers and about r000 Loyalist militia under Major Patrick Ferguson (1744-1780), and an American force of about 900 backwoodsmen under Colonels William Campl;ell (1745-1781), Benjamin Cleveland (1738-1806), Isaac Shelby, John Sevier and James Williams (1740-1780), in which the Americans were victorious.
  • During the War of Independence the hardy mountaineers under John Sevier and Evan Shelby did valiant service against both the royal troops and the Loyalists in South Carolina, chiefly as partisan rangers under Charles McDowell (1743-1815).