Sentence Examples

  • His first act was to lay siege to the fortress of Chateauneuf-Randon, but on the eve of its surrender the constable died on the 13th of July 1380.
  • Jamison (Charleston, 1863), which was translated into French (1866) by order of Marshal Count Randon, minister of war; also S.
  • Randon (1795-1871), named governorgeneral of Algeria after the coup d'etat, had at first to repress in the south a rising of a new " master of the hour," Mahomet ben Abdallah, the sherif of Wargla.
  • Henceforth matters remained quiet in the region of the Sahara, and Marshal Randon turned his efforts towards Kabylia.
  • But in two months (May to June 1857) Marshal Randon made himself master of it, and built in the heart of this country Fort Napoleon (now Fort National), " the thorn in the side of Kabylia," whose batteries commanded all the Kabyle villages of the region.

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