Sentence Examples

  • Princely favour being withdrawn, private rancour was free to show itself.
  • These latter prudently made conces- Th M~4 sions: reducing the taille, sacrificing some of Louis XI.s Wr creatures to the rancour of the parlement, and restoring i.#&c. a certain number of offices or lands to the hostile princes (chief of whom was the duke of Orleans), and even consenting to a convocation of the states-general at Tours (1484).
  • Theological rancour, however, prevailed over all other sentiments, and, after fruitless attempts to re-establish himself in Holland, Grotius accepted service under Sweden, in the capacity of ambassador to France.
  • Even in their new home they were not safe from Athenian rancour.'
  • Upon returning to his post, in 1859, the approaching presidential campaign of 1860 did not deter him from delivering a speech, entirely free from personal rancour, on " The Barbarism of Slavery " - to this day one of the most comprehensive and scathing indictments of American slavery ever presented.