Sentence Examples

  • North of Calicut), at Cranganore, and at Kulam or Quilon, proceeding thence, apparently, to Ceylon and to the shrine of St Thomas at Maylapur near Madras.
  • Issued a bull appointing Jordanus, a French Dominican, bishop of Quilon, and inviting the Nestorians to enter "the Christian Church."
  • The principal ports are Alleppi, Quilon and Paravur; but there is no real harbour.
  • The state has a fine system of roads, and the Cochin-Shoranur and the Tinnevelly-Quilon railways pass through it.
  • The party travelled through central India to Cambay and thence sailed to Calicut, classed by the traveller with the neighbouring Kaulam (Quilon), Alexandria, Sudak in the Crimea, and Zayton (Amoy harbour) in China, as one of the greatest trading havens in the world - an interesting enumeration from one who had seen them all.

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