Sentence Examples

  • Its income rose to £ 25,000 in 1895, having quadrupled itself in ten years.
  • 2% of the whole area of the state, that of 1900 (16,636,719 acres) was 49 70; and while only a fifth of this farm area was actually improved in 1860, two-fifths were improved in 1900; thus, the part of the state's area actually cultivated approximately quadrupled in four decades.
  • The minimum is practically always exceeded, and trebled or quadrupled in the case of the more enthusiastic men, and the chief difficulty with which the officers responsible for training have to contend is the fact that no man can be compelled to attend on any particular occasion.
  • At that time the district contained about 25,000 inhabitants; and in the first six years its population was quadrupled and its trade trebled.
  • Within the cities and upon the open lands the Italians, in this and the next century, doubled, trebled and quadrupled their numbers.