Sentence Examples

  • As an example we may take the instance of Qing, the Bushman hunter.
  • Qing, when first he met white men, was asked about his religion.
  • But in the mythological account of Cagn given by Qing he appears as a kind of grasshopper, supernaturally endowed, the hero of a most absurd cycle of senseless adventures.
  • They know about " men who brought the sun," but their doctrines are revealed in mysteries, and Qing, the informant of Mr Orpen (Cape Monthly Magazine, July 1874), " did not dance that dance " - that is, had not been initiated into all the secret doctrines of his tribe.
  • According to Qing, creation was the work of Cagn (the mantis insect), " he gave orders and caused all things to appear."