Sentence Examples

  • Fist Pushups: For those whose wrists get irritated by the traditional pushup, making a fist instead of flexing your hands on the floor can provide relief, especially when paired with the knee modification.
  • Your partner will continue to intermittently say "down" as you perform quick feet, requiring you to change position quickly and perform a pushup, returning immediately to your quick feet.
  • The instructor helps beginners learn proper technique as well as get rolling on a pushup workout while inspiring beginners to jump right in even if they can't yet do a proper pushup.
  • Since the kettlebells keep you far off the ground even in the low point of the pushup, the high point of your pushup will be much farther off the ground than a standard pushup.
  • Since pushups are so difficult for most people, the ideal way to reach great upper body strength through a pushup workout program is to use a program that builds up over time.