Sentence Examples

  • Since visiting an actual brick-and-mortar purveyor of wholesale goods is not feasible for most people, the obvious option is to go online, which at least is a step up from the days when one would be forced to try and order via a catalog.
  • Mizuno quickly grew into a respected designer and purveyor of quality athletic wear and equipment, keeping the ideals of true sportsmanship front and center through its evolution.
  • If your child is to be part of a professional reenactment, the clothes need to be made, rather than bought, unless you have access to a purveyor of historically accurate goods.
  • In addition to its strong history, Bulova is also the purveyor of a number of innovations in the watch world, most notably the use of tuning forks to keep accurate time.
  • This is a remarkably well stocked and reasonably priced purveyor of fancy dress costumes in a variety of categories, including historical, fairytale and storybook, retro, TV and film, Christmas and national dress.