Sentence Examples

  • The common use of metal for pulpits is a peculiarity FIG.
  • Unitarian tendencies away from the Calvinism of the old Congregational churches were plainly evident about 1750, and it is said by Andrew P. Peabody (1811-1893) that by 1780 nearly all the Congregational pulpits around Boston were filled by Unitarians.
  • The insistence on an inward spiritual experience was the great contribution made by Friends ' At the time referred to, and during the Commonwealth, the pulpits of the cathedrals and churches were occupied by Episcopalians of the Richard Baxter type, Presbyterians, Independents and a few Baptists.
  • In the great body of noble religious eloquence delivered from French pulpits during the 17th century, the first place is certainly held by the sermons of J.
  • In consequence of these and other views, he was denounced from the pulpits, forbidden to lecture or to write (May 10, 16 9 0), and his arrest was ordered.