Sentence Examples

  • And so the psalmist exults in his death and dishonour (Ps.
  • In any case the titles are manifestly the product of the same uncritical spirit as we have just been speaking of, for not only are many of the titles certainly wrong, but they are wrong in such a way as to prove that they date from an age to which David was merely the abstract psalmist and which had no idea whatever of the historical conditions of his age.
  • The only possible question for the critic is whether the ascription of these psalms to David was due to the idea that he was the psalmist par excellence, to whom any poem of unknown origin was naturally ascribed, or whether we have in some at least of these titles an example of the habit so common in later Jewish literature of writing in the name of ancient worthies.
  • Ambrose, Augustine and Hilary commended the example of the psalmist who gave praise "seven times a day" (Ps.
  • Thus the psalmist addressing Jehovah cries (Ps.