Sentence Examples

  • A second edition with a supplement, published immediately after, drew forth fresh protestations, and the edition was suppressed.
  • It seemed as if nothing could save the Austrians from complete disaster, but at the critical moment the emperor, yielding to the protestations of his corps commanders, who represented the excessive fatigue of their troops, stopped the pursuit, and the archduke made the most of his opportunity to restore order amongst his demoralized men, and crossed to the north bank of the Danube during the night.
  • Here he sought to ingratiate himself with Luynes and the king by reporting minutely the actions of Marie and by protestations of loyalty.
  • A failure to solve the problems of metaphysics must always remain a failure, in spite of all protestations that it was inevitable; and it in no wise justifies an advance to so selfcontradictory an asylum ignorantiae as the Unknowable.
  • 23 30,000 Rumanian peasants of the Bukovina got up a great manifesto in favour of the emperor and the empire, and on Dec. 1 patriotic protestations from the Rumanian Club followed.