Sentence Examples

  • The native tribes opposed the Romans, but were conquered after several campaigns; 8 the island became a province under the government of a praetor or propraetor, to whose jurisdiction Corsica was added soon afterwards.
  • Next year (92) he went as propraetor of Cilicia with special authority from the senate to make Mithradates VI.
  • Accordingly, about 111, he was selected by Trajan as governor of Bithynia, under the special title of "legate propraetor with consular power."
  • In 57 he was praetor, in 56 propraetor in Sardinia, and in 54 consul with L.
  • Philip of Macedon made a special point of occupying it (357), and under the early empire it became the headquarters of the Roman propraetor, though it was recognized as independent.