Sentence Examples

  • When you take a proactive attitude and steps to put a business continuity plan in place, you are demonstrating to your customers, employees and shareholders that your company will be a stable one, no matter what circumstances lie ahead.
  • He encouraged students to teach their friends about the horrible events that took place during the holocaust, and he advised students to remain vigilant and proactive in order to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.
  • Be sure you only choose to work with a reputable company that will take proactive steps to ensure your information is protected appropriately and that your contact information will not be sold in a manner not acceptable to you.
  • President Bush agrees and is being proactive, since he knows that it may take up to two years or more before any evidence appears concerning a massive avian bird flu outbreak, or for any restrictions to be put into place.
  • By sharing a sample letter with those who agree to help you, you are being proactive in making it as simple as possible for them and allowing them to concentrate on the content of the letter rather than the format.