Sentence Examples

  • Aemete, from Teutonic a, privative, and maitan, cut or bite off, i.e.
  • Avw,uaXla, unevenness, derived from a y -, privative, and ouaXbs, even), a deviation from the common rule.
  • A-, privative, and ywvia, an angle), the term given to the imaginary lines on the earth's surface connecting points at which the magnetic needle points to the geographical north and south.
  • A-, privative, and KaTaXap43 u'av, to seize), a term used in Scepticism to denote incomprehensibility.
  • &TOµos, from a-, privative, and TEµvEw, to cut) until the middle of the 19th century, when a differentiation was established.