Sentence Examples

  • Is of the nature of a leopard and prettily marked with stripes and oblong spots.
  • VALYEVO (sometimes written Valjevo or Valievo), a town of western Servia, prettily situated on the river Kolubara, in a well-wooded valley, 627 ft.
  • The fruit is about the size of a small hen's egg, and within its fibrous rind is the seed or so-called nut, the albumen of which is very hard and has a prettily mottled grey and brown appearance.
  • Schizanthus pinnatus: hardy, I to 2 ft., purple-lilac, prettily blotched; curiously lobed flowers.
  • P. officinalis, i ft., has prettily mottled leaves and blue flowers; P. sibirica is similar in character, but has broader leaves more distinctly mottled with white.