Sentence Examples

  • While a preteen chat room would typically be reserved for users who aren't yet teenagers, because the site doesn't allow users under 13, the Pre-Teen Chat room at Chat Center is actually designated for younger teens that are 13-15.
  • From her goofy Nickelodeon show, to her role in 2007's musical Hairspray, Bynes has shown she has the comedic chops that appeal to more than just the preteen set.
  • It's important to measure a girl in order to get the proper fit -- this is an area of confusion for many adult women, so a preteen or teenager probably has no idea how to figure out her bra size.
  • Teen and preteen girls, particularly girls ages nine to 14, began copying Hannah Montana's trendy wardrobe by purchasing items from her clothing line as well as the show's related merchandise.
  • Whether you're decorating a nursery for your newborn or trying to come up with a stylish new look for your preteen daughter's bedroom, you're guaranteed to find what you need at Bombay Kids.