Sentence Examples

  • These include generally loose joints, low muscle tone at birth, scoliosis at birth (which worsens with age), and a fragility of the eyes, which may give the white area of the eye a blue tint or cause the eye to rupture.
  • Christa Lehnert-Schroth, physical therapist and author of The Schroth Method, which outlines her own scoliosis treatment program, warns against poses that encourage lordosis, or contraction of the lumbar spine.
  • Treatment of muscular dystrophy is mainly directed at preventing the complications of weakness, including decreased mobility and dexterity, contractures, scoliosis, heart defects, and respiratory insufficiency.
  • To properly track the progress of scoliosis, it is important to project from the same points of the spine each time a measurement is made; otherwise, there is a risk of getting misleading measurements.
  • Surgery is recommended at a much lower degree of curvature for DMD than for scoliosis due to other conditions, since the decline in respiratory function in DMD makes surgery at a later time dangerous.