Sentence Examples

  • Two years later he was consecrated bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, and resigned his presidentship. Parliament declared his estates forfeited for treason in 1652, and Cromwell afterwards set a price on his head.
  • As Stolypin became more and more violent and reactionary, the Octobrists lost their standing ground, and Guchkov eventually resigned the presidentship of the Duma.
  • He also met Thackeray, who wrote from Rome to the young Millais: "Here is a versatile young dog, who will run you close for the presidentship one of these days."
  • In 1621 he became bishop of St David's, when he resigned the presidentship of St John's.
  • But the presidentship was too casual and anomalous an institution to Election of rally the nations round it permanently, and when Gustavus the tyranny of Christian II.