Sentence Examples

  • This free tool from the Distinctions Cabinetry website is similar to the Merillat Planner, though it only offers preset room shapes to choose from for the floor plan.
  • Some treadmills offer a preset button for these random adjustments, but if your treadmill doesn't have one, you should be able to enter the changes manually.
  • The style of music is preset by you at the beginning of the game and, as you progress through the exercise, you can unlock other styles and songs.
  • One advantage of using is that shipping costs are preset, which consist of basic media mail pricing, so shipping gouging in nonexistent.
  • In addition to a choice of three groovy colors (taupe, cyan, or black), Stride offers dual time zones, a lap counter, stopwatch functions, heat or preset timers, and water resistance to 100 meters.