Sentence Examples

  • These jhils have great value, not only as preservatives against inundation, but also as reservoirs for irrigation.
  • New Delhi Indian Restaurant4004 Chestnut StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19104(215) The Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal focuses on providing distinctive Indian cuisine without preservatives or MSG.
  • Many of Chipotle's suppliers are local--which means the food you are eating is lower in preservatives.
  • Organic acids such as vinegar, common salt, the natural ingredients of food, and the various extraneous substances used as food preservatives, alone or mixed together, dissolve traces of it if boiled for any length of time in a chemicallyclean vessel; but when aluminium utensils are submitted to the ordinary routine of the kitchen, being used to heat or cook milk, coffee, vegetables, meat and even fruit, and are also cleaned frequently in the usual fashion, no appreciable quantity of metal passes into the food.
  • The thorough saturation of the narrow space with aqueous vapour, and the presence of drain water in the cutting, were probably their chief preservatives - assisted by the high even temperature always found in the deeper headings of coal mines, and by the enormous compression of the confined air.