Sentence Examples

  • A great number of preservative processes have been devised.
  • The preservative climate of Upper Egypt and the belief of the Egyptians in life after death must be the causes which led them to take unusual care for preserving the bodies of their dead.
  • Boulder, Colorado 80303(303) 447-9572 Sunflower Organic Dining Specializing in Earth-friendly and organic foods, Sunflower Organic Dining opened in 1999 to provide the Boulder community with a preservative- and chemical-free dining experience.
  • 19) is easily understood; it is probable, however, that the preservative qualities of salt were held to make it a peculiarly fitting symbol of an enduring compact, and influenced the choice of this particular element of the covenant meal as that which was regarded as sealing an obligation to fidelity.
  • In England the cluster-pine has been largely planted on sandy districts near the sea, and has become naturalized in Purbeck and other wild tracts in the southern counties, but the summer heat is too small to permit of its resinous products acquiring any value; the soft coarse wood, though perishable in the natural state, has been used for railway sleepers after saturation with creosote or preservative solutions.