Sentence Examples

  • When you purchase your preemie items, do plan ahead and purchase sizes for your child's upcoming growth stage as you will be buying more sizes for a preemie during the course of her infancy than you'd buy for the average newborn.
  • Even the smallest, newborn dress may look huge on a preemie, and although your baby will no doubt grow into her larger dresses in just a few weeks, finding dresses that fit her tiny body right now can be difficult.
  • Heirloom preemie sewing patterns for charity can indicate basic crafting projects used for charity purposes or using heirloom sewing, a special kind of sewing made popular in recent decades, for charity events.
  • Later on, you might want to think about making it easier for someone else to find preemie clothes by placing your baby's clothes for sale either in your area, online, or donating them to a local hospital.
  • Because most stores order their stock based on supply and demand, the availability of preemie clothes is often quite limited, and in smaller areas, these sizes may be impossible to find.