Sentence Examples

  • 12.13) a canopy (baldachinum) should be suspended over the altar; this should be square, and of sufficient size to cover the altar and the predella on which the officiating priest stands.
  • It is a picturesque and interesting town; several of its churches contain paintings by Umbrian masters, notably works by Niccolo di Liberatore (or Niccolo Alunno, 1430-1502), and among them his chief work, a large altar-piece (the predella of which is in the Louvre) in S.
  • The subject which originally formed the predella of this picture has, since 1860, been in the National Gallery, London, and worthily represents there the hand of the saintly painter.
  • This predella was highly lauded by Vasari; still more highly another picture which used to form an altarpiece in Fiesole, and which now obtains world-wide celebrity in the Louvre - the "Coronation of the Virgin," with eight predella subjects of the miracles of St.
  • Maria Novella, a "Coronation of the Virgin," with a predella in three stctions, now in the Uffizi, - this again is one of his masterpieces.