Sentence Examples

  • Algerian prawns, especially those of Bona, are large and of a delicate flavour.
  • This estuary they called the Rio dos Camaroes (the river of Prawns), from the 2 abundance of the crustacea found therein.
  • The name of "pink shrimp" is given to Pandalus montagui or annulicornis, which turns red on boiling and which resembles in form the larger "prawns," having a long rostrum or beak, saw-edged above and below.
  • The larger shrimp-like crustacea are generally known as "prawns," the name being especially applied in Britain to the species Leander serratus, formerly called Palaemon serratus, which is highly esteemed for the table.
  • In warmer seas many other kinds of prawns are caught for food.