Sentence Examples

  • At the end of his term he became a judge of the peace, but after the parliamentary coup d'etat of the 3 oth of Prairial of the year VIII.
  • On Prairial 7 (26th of April 1797) Babeuf and Darthe were condemned to death; some of the prisoners, including Buonarroti, were exiled; the rest, including Vadier and his fellow-conventionals, were acquitted.
  • Babeuf and Darthe were executed at Vendome on Prairial 8 (1797).
  • In any case he does not seem to have remained in Paris, although in the riot of the 1st Prairial some of the insurgents proclaimed him mayor.
  • Which established liberty of worship. In the critical days of Germinal and of Prairial of the year III.